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The Company

VEGA specializes in adding value to real estate assets, mainly Parisian buildings.

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Its expertise lies in complex operations, whether existing buildings, developments or redevelopments, and its priority is the integration of sustainable development standards. The objective is to deliver assets repositioned in their markets so they offer owners and their investment partners the prospect of sustainable long-term returns.

VEGA buys buildings from insurance companies and banks – such as AGF, COVEA and Crédit Agricole – and develops schemes with institutions such as ALBINGIA.

Pascal Rupert

An experienced developer…

With almost 30 years experience in the real estate sector, Pascal Rupert (DEA Public Law) has a perfect understanding of investment and asset management in commercial and residential sectors.

Before establishing VEGA in 2011, Pascal created then directed the investment service of Keops (part of the Nexity group) for ten years, after which he moved to Savills France, where for six years he directed the investment department. Pascal’s very first training in property development was with Kaufman & Broad, with whom he worked for four years.

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VEGA invests directly in schemes, even ambitious ones, if it is convinced the challenge will release potential added value from the asset. Usually these investments are joint ventures with institutional investors enabling VEGA to put all its energy into cultivating the underlying value so the property can produce optimized revenues.
 This direct involvement in the process of recovering value from an asset is a real advantage for VEGA’s partners and clients.

It illustrates the implication of the company, which, by taking ownership of the project, creates a convergence of interests. VEGA’s excellent network of relations gives the company exclusive access to off market opportunities which are analyzed within the context of market needs.


The technical, legal, urban and environmental expertise of VEGA enables the company to carry out redevelopments or refurbishments in densely built up environments. One of the company’s distinguishing features is its success in recovering value from commercial property and in the conversion of properties into public buildings. Financially implicated in every development scheme, VEGA can respond very rapidly and with great agility, especially for the constitution of investor pools, so projects can be taken through to completion, in some instance including the resale.

VEGA is dedicated to sustainable development and the realization of developments that are integrated into the urban environment, it therefore ensures its projects are technically advanced to respect their surroundings and minimize their carbon footprint.


Capitalizing on its experience in adding value to real estate, VEGA knows how to manage complex situations and regularly innovates new ways of adding more value to the assets being managed. VEGA pro-actively manages the portfolios of private and institutional investors seeking to add value to their portfolio in addition to managing assets that have been acquired with partners.

With total transparency and permanent access to information, VEGA identifies what needs to be done and does it so that assets are given a new impulsion and can reach their maturity.